Our Team

California Roofing Company | Industrial & Commercial Roofers

So you might be asking yourself, why should you put your faith in our hands for such an important investment for your business or building? These questions are totally normal and don’t worry, there are no hard feelings on our end of this relationship and we would love nothing more than to be the ones to tell you the many reason!

Friendly service!

One of the greatest things about the staff that makes up our team of roofers is how friendly and approachable we all are. This was one of the many criteria that our owner put in place while comprising the fastest and most professional staff he could.

He wanted this to be more than just another roofing company, he wanted this to be a roofing company that you could count on to make you feel comfortable and that your business is genuinely appreciated. We wouldn’t have been around since the 30’s if we didn’t keep this friendly and personable business mentality the entire way and it is something that we will never lose!

Effective and affordable!

The problem with any industrial roofing job is that any project is no small task. It takes a special set of skill, experience, and knowledge to be able to make a roof repair or replacement effective.

Anyone can climb up a building and throw down some patches or sealant for a quick and temporary fix.

Our guys go above and beyond what we like to call “quick fixes.” We go in and do the proper diagnostic work it takes to make our work effective.

Having been around for longer than many of the other roofing companies around, we are able to offer our services and products at prices that you wouldn’t believe! Our goal isn’t to get rich quick, it’s to bring the Bay Area the best commercial roofing services at the lowest prices!